Lentor Modern condo at Lentor Central are near to natural surroundings with breathtaking views

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Lentor Modern is one of the most cutting-edge and innovative developments from Guocoland Limited, is scheduled to be completed by mid-February 2022. Guocoland Limited has a extensive history of creating huge-scale luxury residences. Guocoland Limited is experienced in the design and development of lavish homes for their residents. They are among the most reliable and well-known developers in Singapore.

The luxurious and spacious Lentor Modern by Guocoland is situated in the recently constructed Lentor Hill Estates comprised of three towers. Each has a height of 25 stories. The condominiums are situated close to the natural environment which allows residents to take in an amazing view from their homes. Since many people enjoy being in the natural environment and enjoy a variety of advantages and benefits, which will boost your value for Lentor Modern condo. There are numerous parks in the property which are Thomson Nature Park, Bishan Park, Lower Peirce Reservoir Park and many others.

Guocoland Limited is the latest mixed development that includes luxurious residences located in Singapore.

“We have a long history of changing neighbourhoodslike the one in Tanjong Pagar and the upcoming Midtown neighborhood along Bugis Beach Road. We think there’s plenty of potential to alter the appearance of the area. Lentor Hills area as an intriguing lifestyle area as well as a residential zone . ” the Ms. Cheng Hsing Yao, the Chief Executive Director of GuocoLand Group. GuocoLand Group.

In addition, they offer a vast selection of parks and nature reserves In addition, developers of developers of Lentor Modern have ensured that residents enjoy the luxury of ease of access and convenience to the various amenities. The 600-unit luxurious home is situated close to malls, F&B shops, shops that sell retail items, children’s facilities and supermarkets, gourmet restaurants and other facilities. The development is connected directly to The Lentor Metro Station. The developers have created this stunning project based on the importance of residents being able to live a lavish life.

Furthermore, Lentor Modern Show flat is set to be available to anyone all over the world. Anyone who wants to buy the property and be part of the business is able to visit the property which will begin activities in 2022. The date will be in the 2nd quarter. Anyone planning to visit the property to attend the show must make an appointment. After that, make an appointment to sign up. Every one of the services offers residents a new method of living that’s more comfortable.

In the past, when developers wanted to offer an unbeatable connectivity for the residents of the communities in which they built condominiums in areas with everything easily accessible. In addition residents are able to connect to the main lines including the Downtown line, Circle Line, Line North and Line South South and the east-west lines. Because of the many amenities that are available for leisure, Lentor Modern will soon become a well-known landmark within the city, and is an perfect place to live.

“We are pleased to give you with a comprehensive guideline for your private ownership at Lentor Modern. Join us for the latest information and be the first people to visit Lentor Modern’s exhibition gallery” GuocoLand’s chief executive officer. GuocoLand Group.

Guocoland Limited, known as a reputable Singapore property developer proudly built Lentors Modern. Because of its proximity to Lentors Modern’s location on the Central Expressway The project is easy to access from other locations within Singapore.

residents who reside within Lentor Modern and in the nearby area will enjoy the benefit of a range of F&B and retail options such as the most luxurious supermarket, as well as childcare facilities to children.With the goal to develop an Lentor Hill area as an appealing residential and lifestyle area where residents can enjoy an era of contemporary City Living in the exclusive central region of the country.

The home of every individual is a reflection of the level of living that they experience in a city high-end, such as the sensation of timeless elegance and sensuality that never ceases. This is evident in the variety of fixtures and fittings such as ceiling fans that are able to be installed into rooms.

Future residents must benefit from Thomson East Coast Line. Thomson East Coast Line. Thomson East Coast Line and offers a speedy and efficient journey to City region, as and other regions of Singapore by public transportation system. The train is called Thomson East Coast Line Thomson East Coast Line and the future residents will need to travel through seven stations before arriving at Orchard. Orchard MRT Interchange which is operated by the North South Line. North South Line. North South Line.